-day 16-

January 16, 2020 Year of the Nurse!

We have begun something greater than ourselves. Nurses around the globe are stepping up and teaming up to improve healthcare delivery!
Meet one- Sigi Marmorstein MSN, FNP

Sigi Marmorstein, a serial entrepreneur and successful telehealth expert with over 65+ Telehealth implementation projects nationally and internationally.

Here is a beautiful example. You know the old adage, babies don’t come with instructions. Well, thanks to Sigi, now they do!

Not only is she a successful businessperson, but she is action-oriented and works in some of the most devastated places on Earth! She established a telehealth program in Haiti Port De Prince Hospital to coordinate pediatric with Medical residents from the US, assisted in establishing the “eye” program in Sudan refugee camp using telehealth, and has established and fully developed a national model of protocols and policies for hiring and training nurse practitioners in the emergency department–clearly dear to my heart as a transition-to-practice expert myself!

Global Nurse Network and Global Nurse Foundation, our sister corporation 501(c)3 non-profit are thrilled to partner with Sigi on multiple fronts to achieve our mission of connecting expert nurses with practicing nurses instantaneously for the betterment of health and our communities.

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