January 1, 2020

This Year of the Nurse I will share our vision for Global Nurse Network and take you on our journey toward changing the future of health care delivery. Take the ride with me. I’ll be sharing thoughts, progress, our highs, and lows, plus insights along the way toward what I’m most certain is a celebration of our triumphs.

As all nurses know it’s best to start at the beginning and “chunk” information so I’ll start 150 years ago ;o)

Nurses have always been compassionate and embraced the art of nursing. Florence Nightingale gave us the Science and since then we’ve continued to embrace evidence-based practices and pioneer innovation in nursing care delivery.

Send me what you think Florence Nightingale envisioned nursing would look like today. We will share your responses throughout the month. Your ideas will generate encouragement to us and our readers!

This daily vlog/blog will be brief, informative, inspirational and an honest exploration of what it takes to reach our goals.

I am prepping now for our January 21st information session for nurses who fit the WHO in our mindmap. If you are one of the WHO, won’t you join us? Shoot me an email and I’ll send you an invite!

Until tomorrow, Happy New Year!