-day 35-

February 4, 2020 The Year of the Nurse!

REMEMBER WHEN?? I remember writing in green ink for the evening shift and red for the night shift! But what I sincerely miss is seeing the patient’s story unfold in the nurses notes! Take a look at these notes, it tells you so much about the patient’s condition and even his understanding of his treatment plan! hashtag#nurses hashtag#yearofthenurse2020 hashtag#nursesrock hashtag#nursingnow

The generation of nurses who documented this way are still around. We not only adapted to healthcare change, we embraced it, we innovated on it! Unfortunately many of us along with our newer nurse colleagues have left the bedside.

Global Nurse Network is committed to opening avenues where nurses can continue to provide high quality care, support newer nurses with their expertise, and see their actions have an impact on patients and their outcomes!

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