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Nursing shortage or not enough nurses working?

Although I had published numerous articles about best practices, my first editorial article was titled Nursing shortage? Opportunity? in 2001.

I pleaded for hospital administrations to give nurses a voice and for nurses to recognize we had a voice in how we delivered care. I was eager to see newer and more efficient models of nursing care delivery emerge from the nursing shortage back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

I was disappointed. Even with the advent of breakthroughs in nursing practice and technology that supports what we do, Nurses did not then and have not yet defined new nursing care delivery models according to how they can perform best and at the top of their licenses.

I posted these pictures on LinkedIn and the response was in the thousands–thousands of expert nurses who were nostalgic for these old practices, but more so nostalgic over the pride and compassion we felt for our profession, our patients, and how we delivered care.


This workforce who sat for boards over the course of two 8-hour days still want to work. Still want to deliver care. Still want to precept new nurses. Still want to advocate for patients. Still want to mentor nurses in our profession and ensure we continue to be the most trusted profession 18 years running. This is our legacy to protect.

Nurses are the “Most Trusted Profession” for 18 Years in a Row

And that’s our mission! Connect these expert nurses with practicing nurses worldwide opening a completely new locum tenens for nurses.

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