-day 60-

What would a world look like without nurses?

The Global Nurse Exchange is an organization committed to Building a Nursing World Community with Dialogue

The Global Nurse Exchange (GNE) began in 1988 with a purpose then and now to produce BOLD outcomes for Nursing through collaborative thinking and creative decision-making. A focus on nursing case management across the continuum “beyond the walls” for global needs of nursing and health care. GNE bring together “like minds” with different perspectives in an informal setting.

GNE embraces the turtle and fish metaphors. “The life of a turtle is about the journey. The turtle only moves ahead when she sticks her neck out with the hard shell in for protection.” GNE provides the atmosphere where members are supported through times of “sticking our necks out” and equally supported when we must retreat.

“Give a person a fish and you feed her for a day,, but teach a person to fish and you feed her for a lifetime” GNE provides the atmosphere where learning is embraced and members lift one another up.

Ancora Imparo!