Meet Martha Salmon RN!

Global Nurse Network is proud to introduce Martha Salmon who has been selected to join our inaugural cohort to Whispers Magical Children’s Hospital in Jinja, Uganda in March 2020.

Martha Salmon has been a nurse for 10+ years and is currently working as a Pediatric Transplant nurse in Los Angeles. She started as an LVN when she was 20 years old and realized that being the first college graduate it was important to return to school to pursue her RN. Even though she has married with two kids by the time she was 22, she knew that continuing her education could not be something to put off.

Martha has most of her nursing experience in pediatrics, but has worked with the adult population and in dialysis. She has always known, though, that pediatrics of where her heart is.

Along with bedside nursing care, her passion also lies in her business, Latina, RN, which focuses on empowering the Latinx Nurse Community. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Nursing Public health with hopes of impacting poverty within the community through the healthcare system.

Stay tuned as we share our journey!

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