Finally in Uganda!

March 11, 2020 Year of the Nurse!

We arrived safely in Jinja Uganda on Monday afternoon!

After working alongside our nurse colleagues yesterday, we offered American Heart BLS training to the staff here at Whispers Magical Children’s Hospital.

Ashley Barney and Martha Salmon, our two nurse volunteers didn’t waste anytime jumping in to take care of patients. Although Martha works where they have an IV team, take a look at this successful first stick in a neonate with sepsis!! Way to go Martha!!

Ashley Barney brought over $10,000 worth of medical donations (thank you everyone who donated) and helped distribute and organize for the hospital. She has also jumped right in with delivering nursing care and helped by being our choking victim for American Heart BLS. This was by far the BEST BLS CLASS!!

Whispers Children’s Hospital sees mostly young children under 5 and treat everything from cerebral Malaria to burns over 30% of children’s bodies. We are in constant awe of the work ethic of the nurses and doctors who work five 12-hour shifts every week and always are grateful and smiling. We simply cannot describe how they impact our world view and fill us with gratitude unimaginable.

Burns are a common occurrence in our patient population due to open cooking fires and toddlers playing nearby. We (Global Nurse Network) completed burn training just a few weeks ago and it was thrilling to see it implemented so efficiently and effectively. Whisper’s staff welcomes ALL education and training offered to them and seem to wear blinders to any barriers. “We can’t” is not in their vocabulary.

Stay tuned and follow our journey. Internet can be spotty so we’ll try to update as often as we can and as time permits!