Returning to a new world

March 26, 2020 Year of the Nurse

Words cannot describe our thoughts and feelings as we returned to the United States after leaving an “underdeveloped” world. When we travel to Whisper’s we are always grateful for the resources we take for granted at home–simple things like running water.

We left a country that had no known cases of COVID-19 and complied with their precautions upon leaving their country. We were made to wash our hands BEFORE entering the parking lot of the airport in Entebbe, body temperature’s taken, and heat scanning prior to security, after security, and prior to boarding.

We were astounded upon our arrival to JFK when we were not given access to hand washing or hand sanitizer upon deplaning . Those of us with global access simply scanned our fingerprints (without using hand sanitizer in between users) and walked into the USA–the current epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis.

We send our support to our healthcare colleagues working the front lines to manage the COVID19 pandemic with uncertainty and limited resources we’ve not experienced in before in this country. We implore our followers to support local nurses and first responders in your area.

We’ll be sharing more from our journey along with sincere thanks to the many donors that made our trip possible.

-Stay tuned.