Clarity amidst chaos

What was known before the current pandemic crisis is the nursing profession’s primary purpose is and always has been health promotion and prevention no matter the setting care is delivered.

What has never been clearer is OUR PROFESSION has collectively put all our efforts together to do what we do: solve problems. The nursing profession from every sector outside the font line is joining forces to support BEDSIDE PRACTICING NURSES who are our TRUEST, MOST TRUSTED healthcare WORKFORCE.

The nursing profession has mobilized and been tapped by other industries and co-created innovative deliverable outcomes that have already been implemented to fight COVID19.

When this is pandemic crisis is managed and it will be, the silver lining will be a realignment of the nursing profession and front line bedside practicing nurses as the leaders, in the forefront, in CEO and COO roles, in organizations tasked with the future of healthcare. Nurses can build the future where healthcare promotion and prevention remain the highest priority and nurses who are natural innovators drive how care is delivered globally. I hope global leaders in healthcare and other industries see the value of nurses and are paying attention.