Eko Donates to our Closet Clinics

The Eko Cares committee and the entire Eko team was inspired by our non-profit work and generously donated Eko Stethoscopes to our Closet Clinics.

We trialed the use of the Eko Stethoscopes in hopes to bring nursing expertise to remote villages throughout Uganda. and we had hoped to start remote Closet Clinics in the summer of 2020. Due to the COVID shutdown, we have had to wait until now to go back. Thankfully, three remote villages (2300 children each) will have access to Whisper’s certified nurses by using satellite technology, state of the art Eko stethoscope equipment, and computers.

Children in sub-Saharan Africa persists with the highest under-five mortality rate in the world and die from illnesses of the environment—mosquito borne illness, poor quality drinking water, malnutrition, and burns (Cooking fires are on the ground). Closet clinics can save lives.

The Global Nurse Foundation is in the final push to secure funding for our shipping container with over $300,000 worth of medical equipment. Eko’s generous support will supply all our clinics, and Whisper’s Nurses & Doctors with the technology that gives 7000 children access to life saving medical care regardless of how remote the village.

If you care also inspired and can help, click below.