About Us

What we do: GNN is an organization of expert nurses with the intent to help practicing nurses make decisions about patient care delivery when they have no access to reliable support and resources.

Why we do it: To impact patient outcomes, elevate nurse practice, confidence, and competence.

How do we do it? By leveraging the latest Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) data that impacts patient outcomes through technology.

What are the features?

  • On demand one-to-one nurse support
  • Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV)
  • On and offline accessible relevant EBP resources
  • Learning management system for training delivery
  • Platform for document repository and audiovisual capture of interactive collaborations between nurses to ensure quality.

What are the benefits?

Immediate—better outcomes for patients, enhanced confidence and competence of nurses and medical staff, and new locus tenens for expert nurses.

Long-term—sustainability of high quality care delivery, an alternative nursing workforce, and momentum toward achievement of the World Health Organization’s Sustainable Development Goal #3.

Meet the founder

Bobbi Martin MSN RN

Bobbi Martin has over 35 years’ nursing experience including 20 years at the bedside as a pediatric emergency night shift nurse. After earning a Master’s in Nursing Education, serving as Director of Nursing, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, and Dean of Nursing she became an expert in transition to practice among new graduate nurses and transitioning nurses at all levels of their careers.

Global Nurse Network is the culmination of innovative strategies that connect expert nurses with practicing nurses in real-time through open-source technological solutions. GNN is a dedicated cadre of professional nurses that elevate practicing nurses confidence, competence, and help them improve patient outcomes.