Mission: Globally connect expert nurses to practicing nurses instantaneously for the betterment and health of our communities    


7000 children will have access to life saving medical care regardless of how remote the village

The Closet Clinic project is phase two of a successful partnership between GNF (501c3 non-profit) and Whisper’s Magical Children’s Hospital in Jinja, Uganda.

In phase one, hundreds of children’s lives were saved because Whisper’s nurses were better trained and delivered evidence-based CPR (All Whisper’s staff became American Heart Association Certified).

Whisper’s Magical Children’s Hospital Emergency Dept.

What’s Next?

Three remote villages (2300 children each) will have access to Whisper’s certified nurses. By using satellite technology, state of the art stethoscope equipment, and computers, Whisper’s Hospital will be their connection to medical care.

Children in sub-Saharan Africa die from illnesses of the environment—mosquito borne illness, poor quality drinking water, malnutrition, and burns (Cooking fires are on the ground). Closet clinics give them a better chance to access the help when they need it and get referral to a higher level of care.


In Partnership with with 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization

Royal Palace Medical “Closet Clinic”

If you would like to be part of the pilot and phase two of the partnership, here’s what you can do.

  • Sponsor a clinic $5000
  • Supply the telehealth connection to Whisper’s $2500
  • Sponsor 12 children for $25
  • Give your IRA 5% directly to Global Nurse Foundation (501c3 non-profit) and pay no tax
  • For less than a tall coffee at Starbucks sponsor a child $2.50